The future is already here, its just unevenly distributed


This section of the blog aims to list future trends and directions in which volunteering may be heading. It will, of course, expand exponentially as the growing multitude of blog posts and comments (ahem..) inspire the author…



Micro-volunteering. When words like ‘flexibility’ and ‘ease’ cling to a concept like film to a half-eaten sausage, you know that its going to get off to a good start with us humans. When its also intrinsically linked with things like smart-phones, computers and the internet; you just know its going to become a sure-fire hit. If we can do it on our iphone, on the toilet, with one hand; its a winner. Micro-volunteering will almost certainly grow massively over the next few years. And dont just take my word for it. The UK volunteering website i-volunteer predicts that micro-volunteering will become part of the governments Big Society policy and be introduced into UK classrooms over the coming year. So get involved with it now and help it to grow. Small is beautiful.

For a slightly broader explanation of the trend see here.


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