the aim



“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” Anne Frank


I am writing this blog about a subject I am passionate about in the hope that I will inspire others, in whatever small way, to consider volunteering. At the same time, what this blog also aims to do is to discuss the wider issues surrounding volunteerism, an aim just as important as the act of volunteering itself.  To blindly volunteer is to thoughtlessly act. To blindly praise ‘volunteers’ is to thoughtlessly praise. With Civil Society increasingly referenced in government tracts from across the geographical and political spectrum, volunteering has become a hot topic. To celebrate, highlight, discuss and assess the work done by, and problems encountered by, volunteers will hopefully explore the notion of the volunteer and the act of volunteering.


Women? Whisky? Cards? Pah! None of these should be given more than a strained-eyed, headache-riddled, unwashed glance. Football Manager is by far mans greatest distraction”                          Winston Churchill, or possibly anon.

As well as the more altruistic aim mentioned above I also aim, through writing this blog, to not only advance my knowledge of a subject that I am passionate about, but also to improve my writing and blogging skills.  In combining this aim of personal enrichment with the aim of contributing to the public good the aspirations of this blog are very much in keeping with how the blog views the goals of volunteering itself. In serving the common good you are helping yourself, in helping others to grow; you are nurturing your own development. Of the two aims of this blog, the aim of personal enrichment is easier to fulfil; it remains to be seen if the aim of public enrichment can be accomplished. This too has something in common with volunteering. Let’s hope it achieves both.


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