A collection of freely-available online reports, documents and downloadable articles all for the use of the budding volunteerism-enthusiast.



Volunteering: General

Corporation for National and Community Service.Volunteering in America  Research Highlights“(2009). Key findings of research undertaken between 2007-2008.

CSI (the Centre for Social Impact).  “Volunteerability, Recruitability and Recent Trends in Volunteering” (2010). Looking at recent trends in volunteering.

IAVE, UNV and CIVICUS. “Volunteering and Social Activism: Pathways for participation in human development” (2009). Report on how volunteering and social activism contributes to human development.

Pathways through Participation. “Understanding Participation: A Literature Review” (2009). Literature Review of Citizen Participation.

Rural Information Centre. “Volunteerism” (1998). Research on volunteering in rural America.

Salamon and Sokolowski (John Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project). “Volunteering in Cross-National Perspective: Evidence From 24 Countries” (2001).

Public Policy Institute of California. “Civic Inequalities: Immigrant Volunteerism and CommunityOrganizations in California” (2006). Research on volunteering amongst immigrant communities in California.

Generational Volunteering

Brewis, Russell and Holdsworth (IVR). “Bursting the Bubble” (2010). Research into volunteering amongst university students.

National Human Services Assembly. “Family Volunteering:  Nurturing Families, Building Community” (2006). Looking at family volunteering.

PBS Kids (from the Zoom television show). “Family Guide to Volunteering” (2002). Guide for children.

Centre on Aging and Work. “Civic Engagement:Volunteering Dynamics and Flexible Work Options” (2007). Short Brief on volunteering amongst US retirees.

Corporation for National Service. “Baby Boomers and the New Age of Volunteerism” (2001). Looking at the recruitment of volunteers amongst the baby-boomer generation.

NGA Center for Best Practices. “Increasing Volunteerism Among Older Adults: Benefits and Strategies for States” (2008). Looking at promoting volunteerism amongst the elderly.

Points of Light Foundation. “50+ Volunteering: Working for Stronger Communities” (2004).Comprehensive report on volunteering amongst the US’s elderly population.

New Mexico Public Education Department. “Increasing Volunteerism” (2006). Resources for teachers on how to encourage volunteerism.


Volunteering and International Development

Peace Corps. “V2 Volunteerism Action Guide:Multiplying the Power of Service” (200?). Report on how to spread volunteerism in areas that host Peace Corps volunteers.

UN Volunteers. “Programming Volunteerism for  Development” (2009). Looking at maximising the effect of volunteering on international development.

Georgian College Research Analyst Program. “Voluntourism: Give a Little, Gain a Lot” (2010). A report on volunteer tourism with recommendations.


Volunteer Management

Brewis, Hill and Stevens (IVR). “Valuing Volunteer Management Skills” (2010). Studying the development needs of volunteer managers.


Why Volunteer?

Chambre and Einolf (CUNY). “Is Volunteering Work, Prosocial Behavior, or Leisure?  An Empirical Study” (2008). Analysing how volunteers view their volunteering.

Volunteering and Professionals

FSG Social  Impact  Advisors. “Volunteering for Impact: Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering” (2007). Detailed report on corporate volunteering.

National Health Policy Forum. “Necessary but Not Sufficient?Physician Volunteerism and the Health Care Safety Net” (2004). Looking at volunteering amongst health professionals.

Taproot Foundation. “Corporate Baby Boomers and Volunteerism” (2008). Looking at ways to increase volunteering amongst corporate employees.

Buddha’s Light Publishing. “Buddhism and Volunteerism” (2008). Detailing the Buddhist perspective on volunteering.


Volunteering and Civil Society

CIVICUS  (World Alliance for Citizen Participation).  “Civil Society: Global Trends 2009-2010” (2011). An analysis of global civil society over the 2009-2010 period.


Volunteering Databases

Institute for Volunteering Research. Huge searchable database of nearly 200 publicly available reports and articles.

Pathways through Participation. A UK research project with a selection of articles on research into citizen participation.





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