Hot and sweaty social capital


Gyms are the bottled mineral water of the exercise world and if, like most reasonable people, you dislike the often pretentious and always hot and smelly environment of the gym, a new alternative has arrived. Instead of paying money to spend your time avoiding staring at the scantily clad, heavily sweating people around you in hopeless attempts to escape from the mind-numbing monotony of running up a computer generated hill, why not run, for free, and do some good at the same time? Im even sure the other runners wont mind you staring at them running, such will be the amicable atmosphere surrounding your running group, bathed in the warm light of altruism. The concept is thus; you sign up online and then, after a thorough bit of CRB checking, you are matched with a local person who is need of help. Every week you then run to the person, help them, and run back home. Simple. Many of the helped are the elderly, and the helping involves a chat, presumably after you have regained your breath. Other activities are more physical, group-based ones; such as helping out at a local allotment. The concept is a good one, appealing as it does to the modern obsession to get fit. As Mr lightbulb said; genius is one percent inspiration…. Lets hope more and more elderly people are visited by hot, sweaty, deep-breathing strangers in the near future. In a good way of course.

The website is here.

Loneliness amongst elderly people is a major problem. See here, here, and here.



3 Responses to “Hot and sweaty social capital”

  1. Interesting post, and I love the title! Just dont ask most people how they came across this….


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