I wish this was…


I hope you didnt say ‘a useful, insightful and interesting blog’…..  Anway; great voluntary art/urban renewal project in New Orleans. Basic premise is; get sticker, find abandoned building, stick sticker, write on what you wish was there. Before you exclaim ‘wont they take ages to peel off and leave those horrible white sticky bits all over one of the US of A’s cultural hubs?’. No, they wont. Read the post. As always,  a few lines from that growling walrus, Tom Waits, may be enlightening:


Well, I wish I was in New Orleans, I can see it in my dreams, Arm-in-arm down Burgundy, a bottle and my friends and me


Thankyou Tom. And finally; a suggestion for anyone with a rather large printing press; I’ll pay for the creation of the worlds largest ‘I wish this was…’ sticker, write ‘a green and pleasant land’ on it and air-drop it onto the Tar-sands of Canada (thankyou Bruce Parry) or Chernobyl, or Harlow….

I first read about the ‘I wish this was…’ project on the great idealist blog and the official site for the project is here.

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