Why I Love Blogging (and Why Robert Putnam Should Too) (via We are Living in a Society)

Continuing the theme on Robert Putnam, someone who I may have a little bit of man-love for, this is a great piece on RP from a blog that will instantly go on my blogroll after just reading this one post. Lets hope its not a one-off and the blogs author is some kind of raving, social-capital-liking, neo-nazi.

As those loveable Americans say, Heres my ‘two-cents’ on the piece:

Particularly like the point about “passively pissing away my leisure time in front of the idiot box….”. Dislike the ‘occasionally’ part of “nor am I saying that we shouldn’t occasionally log off and go to the park” – although the phrase ‘each to their own’ springs to mind – I personally find as much ‘community’ offline, in a park, as I do online, in a forum. I think its vital for everyone, whether they think they like it or not, to experience community in the physical sense; at the very least, as my good mother taught me; taking a short ‘constitutional’ walk sets all of the worlds problems in their proper place. Its even better if you can say the odd hello to the neighbours on the way. After all, its great to strengthen existing (as well as creating new) communities online, but its no good if the physical community we live in is burning around us as we fiddle away on our blogsites. The sentence that comes later on: “The web is not the be-all-end-all of civic engagement, but in our current context, ought to be a vital component of that engagement” is far more to my liking. All in all a very nice post.

Why I Love Blogging (and Why Robert Putnam Should Too) I’m willing to bet that any student today who makes a decision to study Political Science, or just takes an introductory course in the discipline, will, much like I did in my first year of university, come across Robert Putnam’s “Bowling Alone.” This is not at all a bad thing, given that Putnam’s argument is one of the most vital and thought-provoking ideas to ever  address the nature of democracy and citizenship in the industrialized world. Just … Read More

via We are Living in a Society


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