IAVE World Conference Kicks-off with U2


The 21st IAVE World Volunteer Conference has begun in Singapore today and will run over the next three days. With over a thousand representatives of voluntary organisations from across the globe attending the event, the conference will discuss current trends in voluntary work and what can be done to improve volunteering. It is the first time the conference has been held in Asia and over 80% of the delegates were indeed Asian; an important trend that will be discussed in the future on this blog.

The conference also marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of IAVE and in wishing the organisation a ‘happy birthday’, Flavier Pansieri, executive co-ordinator of UNV (United Nations Volunteers) is recorded by the IAVE report as making the following observations:

Flavier said volunteering was an important contributing-factor to continued access to services, especially as budgets were cut. Some terminology such as “big society”, “new social contract” and so on, see citizens not just as recipients but providers of services. On the one hand, this was a good thing, she said, because it recognized the positive contribution people can bring to society. On the other hand, volunteering should not be seen as a replacement to government services, but as an additional resource.

Flavier is almost certainly an avid reader of this blog. More reports on the conference and analysis of any documents released from the conference will follow.

News reports used: Straits Times, IAVE, Channel News Asia



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