Queensland Volunteers


The recent floods in Queensland have triggered a massive response from Australia’s volunteer community. According to Volunteering Queensland, the main organisation co-ordinating the volunteer response, over 65,000 volunteers have now registered. The response has been so big that many of those registered will have to wait for the opportunity to volunteer. As the emergency page of Volunteering Queensland states:

Register now, be prepared to help later

As a representative from Volunteering Australia said:

One of the big things around spontaneous volunteering is it’s very difficult to manage

These points are important ones to consider in any volunteer response; the time when most people feel inspired to volunteer is often in the initial stages of a disaster as images of victims saturate the media. However, depending on the disaster, the initial stages are not always the best time for a mass of volunteers to be utilised. Volunteers often play a crucial part in any response, but volunteers must also sustain their desire to volunteer in order for the most effective response to be co-ordinated. As the Brisbane Mayor reminded volunteers:

This is a marathon, not a race


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