Do you Believe in Detroit?

The Detroit Mayor has launched a media campaign entitled ‘I’m a Believer’ aimed at creating an army of volunteers to rejuvenate the socially and economically impoverished city. As the co-founder of the campaign said:

What we needed, and what we told the mayor, was we wanted to recruit an army, an army of volunteers to help Mayor Bing change our city, and that’s what makes ‘I’m a Believer’ different. It’s a call to change hearts and a call to action to encourage people to stop whining and do something.

For a city that has come to epitomise the problems faced by many of the West’s big industrial cities over the past half decade, appealing to volunteers is an effective and cheap means to tackle some of the problems. Of course it will only be effective if it is seen as part of a holistic approach including the combined efforts of big business and the City, State and Federal governments. However in combination with these forces, volunteering can indeed play a part in the cities rejuvenation.

For a blog documenting the problems faced by Detroit see the TIME Detroit blog

The facebook site of the campaign is here

The official site is supposed to be here (although it was down at the time of writing; not a great start)



2 Responses to “Do you Believe in Detroit?”

  1. I beleved in detroit till i tryed to save detroit from polluters the same ones trying to get more money from all the sub, cities.Then all my money was stolen from a local attorney.That attorney will be announanced SOON iF THAY DO NOT FIND MY MONEY


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